Our 大学的指导 Office has a truly unique programs in place to make those dreams a reality. Some of the innovative programs that differentiate HGP’s 大学的指导 approach include: 

HGP’s 领导 Externship Advantage Program (飞跃) program: Holy Ghost 初级s shadow an alum who works in a field that interests them. 点击这里 to learn more about 飞跃. 

Annual spring college bus tours: These tours allow HGP sophomores and 初级s to visit 10 colleges over spring break. 点击这里 to learn more about the college tours. 

The process starts early at Ghost: 正如我们提到的, Holy Ghost Prep student is assigned a college counselor in the second half of their freshman year. They help these students pick their sophomore year courses, and start to build a bond with them. To read more about the advantages of starting the counselor-student relationship early and what 大学的指导 programs are in place for each student’s sophomore, 初级, 大四的时候, 点击这里

Parent information sessions throughout the year: We know that parents will have questions throughout the college process. So Holy Ghost Prep holds early morning Coffee Talks and evening information sessions to keep parents in the know throughout the year. 要了解更多信息, 点击这里.